RM-Terex launched serial production of heavy crawler excavators

RM-Terex has announced the start of serial production of ТХ 270 and ТХ 300 crawler excavators at its TVEX plant. This project will pave the way for the company to enter into a new promising segment of heavy (20-30t) construction machines.

Both ТХ 270 and ТХ 300 belong to a class of heavy excavators which enjoys strong demand in the Russian market. Before entering into serial production the machines went through an operation test and proved cable of working at most difficult construction sites including those with Category I to IV rocky and frozen ground. The excavators have 147kW and 190kW capacity and deliver the best-in-class pulling force of 180 and 200kN respectively. Both excavators are powered by modern YaMZ 530 engines with a pre-heater to ensure reliable operations at critical ambient temperatures. The cabin is comfortable and ergonomic and offers such conveniences as a climate control system and an LCD-based operation control system as standard.

The product launch was preceded by comprehensive modernization of some of the production capacities at TVEX which is RM-Terex’s main production site. In particular, the welding section now features such major changes and innovations as shot blasting, new semi-automatic welding equipment, robotized welding of implements and a reorganized component dispatch area. The plan is to produce 15 ТХ270/ТХ 300 excavators till the end of 2017 while the plant has enough capacities to make 315 crawler excavators a year.

Kirill Epstein, RM-Terex CEO:

- Making world-class heavy crawler excavators is an important element of our strategy. We are working toward expanding our model range of construction machines both for domestic and international sales. Today we have launched the serial production of a new competitive product which offers an optimal balance between the performance characteristics and the cost of ownership. Integrated in the design of these heavy crawler excavators are more than 1400 engineering solutions aimed at boosting the performance of the machines and making them more comfortable for operators. I am confident that our efforts will be appreciated by customers in Russia and abroad.