GAZ Automotive Plant celebrates its 85th birthday

Today GAZ Automotive Plant was celebrating its 85th anniversary. The festivities included a concert and an award ceremony. President Vladimir Putin visited the plant and congratulated the GAZ team on the anniversary.

 President Vladimir Putin:
-        I am very pleased to be with you and to have an occasion to congratulate GAZ on its birthday. I congratulate you on the 85th anniversary of the establishment of our legendary GAZ. When decisions are made to build such industrial giants a lot of factors are taken into account. The most important one is the human resources, who will be working. And decades ago the right decision was made to build such a car giant at the banks of the Russian great river Volga. This is where talented, patriotic and energetic people live and work. Over centuries your predecessors proved that through their labour and attitude toward the Fatherland. There are well-known historic facts that Nizhny Novgorod became the birth place of militia forces which later liberated  Moscow from invaders and put an end to the Time of Trouble. That was the starting point for the dynamic growth of the centralized and strong Russian state. This was the place where much was done to forge the victory in the Great Patriotic War. We all remember famous “polutorkas” [one-and-haft ton trucks] and Pobeda cars but today too GAZ is moving ahead fast. It has become not just part of the country’s automotive industry and our national economy; it is an integral element of the global automotive production. Nizhny Novgorod will develop together with GAZ.  Thanks to your active participation and participation of people like you we will resolve any problems, even most challenging ones, that confront us. Russia will be only going forward and nobody will ever stop it on that path. Congratulations!
GAZ Automotive Plant’s 85th anniversary is a memorable date for Russia’s entire automotive industry. GAZ vehicles are reflection of the country’s history and the establishment and growth of the car industry. They are symbols of many periods in the country’s life. GAZ played a major role in making motor vehicles the dominant means of transportation nation-wide, providing farmers with much-needed medium-duty trucks and making mass passenger traffic a reality. The plant produced millions of affordable cars and turned into a training center for the benefit of the entire industry. Besides, it is ranks among the founders of Russia’s automotive design engineering school. In the course of all those 85 years GAZ produced over 18 million vehicles of more than 350 different models and modifications.
The day of anniversary celebrations saw the launch of serial production of new generation high-capacity models- GAZelle Next 4.6t and GAZon Next 10t. Vladimir Putin put his signature to the hood of the first serial vehicles.