Powertrain and auto components


Autodiesel plant in Yaroslavl makes medium and heavy YaMZ diesel engines in a broad displacement (4.43 to 26l) and horse power (120 to 800) range. Four families of in-line and V-engines available in 60 base models and over 300 configurations are used to power a large variety of commercial vehicles. Besides, YaZDA plant makes 3 lines of fuel injection systems. Preparation for the production of compressed natural gas-powered engines based on the YaMZ 530 model is underway in cooperation with Westport, a global company specializing in gas fuel systems. 

  • YaMZ heavy diesel V-engine
  • YaMZ 650 heavy in-line engine
  • YaMZ 530 medium in-line engine



  • Contract manufacturing of the Mercedes ОМ646 engine.

Ulyanovsk Engine Plant produces 10 engine models in around 80 modifications and over 1,500 item numbers of spare parts for engines. The plant’s core products are UMZ 4216 and EvoTech 2.7 engines as well as their dual-fuel (gas-and-gasoline) versions which meet the euro 4 emission standard.

  • EvoTech2.7



GAZ Group’s automotive component division comprises blanking operations and component production in Nizhny Novgorod, including making car accessories, wheels and steering systems; facilities producing forgings, iron and non-ferrous metal castings, frames, car parts and tools. The Dies and Molds Plant and Kanash Automotive Component Plant are also part of the Autocomponent business.

  • Exhaust systems: GAZ-Bulten JV
  • Fasteners: GAZ-Bosal JV
  • VW axles and Mitsubishi Pajero frames

TRM - a joint venture Russian Machines has set up with Japanese T.RAD Ltd, one of world’s largest manufacturers of heat exchangers for motor vehicles.

  • Engine cooling radiators
  • Cabin heater radiators
  • Boost intercoolers
  • Cooling modules (heat exchanger assemblies)


SOTEX - one of Russia’s leading producers of polyurethane foam parts and passenger seats.  

  • Polyurethane foam parts
  • Polyurethane car seats
  • Passenger seats for buses, light commercial vehicles and trucks